Jane Callender

'Blueleaf' 82 High Road
IP20 0EN

Tel: 01986 788644
Website: www.callishibori.co.uk
Email: jc@callishibori.co.uk

My aim when producing whole cloth shibori is always to retain something of the original appeal of traditional shibori by bringing elements of pattern and surface texture together. I explore surface quality by using techniques which build constructional interest, or by choosing a fabric which has a unique appeal. Using indigo predominantly has allowed me to invent and develop stitch formats for pattern. I also use iron rust, fibre reactive dyes and weld when possible. I am inspired by the natural world and the integrity of fabric, stitch and dye; the way of things; geometry. I make bags and purses from smaller pieces of my shibori work and produce a variety of scarves during the summer months. Visitors are welcome to my studio any time of year by appointment.

I am currently developing a new body of work (not shown) altogether different but with roots firmly in the process, and working on a major whole cloth shibori piece.

I give workshops and PowerPoint presentations in the UK and overseas teaching commitments have included Vancouver, India, Hungary, and Kuwait. 2013 sees me travelling to Australia for a 9 week teaching tour followed by a workshop in Italy. My commitment to education is active online through ‘callishibori’. 


Training inc: BA hons degree in Printed Textiles, University of Creative Arts, Farnham, 1977.

Publications inc: 2000 Pattern Combinations, A step by step guide to creating pattern. Pub. Batsford 2011

Awards inc: The London Arts Board Award for Individual Craftsperson, 1997. Creative Arts East Arts Council Bursary Award, 2004

Exhibitions inc: Indigo – a blue to dye for. Major touring exhibition. Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, Brighton and Hove, Plymouth 2007

Chain textile by Jane Callender'Mesh For Peace' textile by Jane CallenderTributaries detail of textile by Jane CallenderAncient Fish detail of textile by Jane Callender