Sue Pulley

6 Heigham Grove, Norwich, NR2 3DQ  

Phone: 01603 926393

My images are built from using ‘found’ objects and creating webs of thread to hold them in place. The shapes of both mechanical and natural things are combined within or on a framework that can be driftwood, Perspex or a standard picture frame and that is where the magic begins as I build and weave around and within using silk, linen, foil, cellophane and synthetic ‘threads’.

Images shown right:
‘Splash’ is constructed on a large Perspex circle using copper gaskets from motorbike engines, plastic cocktail sticks and curtain rings, and glass beads. Hundreds of holes were drilled around the gaskets which then had a ‘weft’ of fishing line fitted across the opening. These were filled in by weaving silk thread around and around. The background Perspex was also drilled with hundreds of holes to allow the attachment of all the components and then fitted inside a frame where it floats between the front and the back so that shadows appear when the light is right!

‘Peacock Blues’ is also made up using the bike gaskets, threads and beads with the addition of a wooden curtain ring and brass plumbers ring.

‘Eyes of the Storm’ is suspended within its frame with careful threads holding it in place. The gasket comes from an unknown engine but gave me inspiration with its shape and the woven insets are very carefully constructed giving rise and fall as the threads go round, you need to look closely to see the effect of the combination of colours and shape.

‘Sparham Snails’ is exactly that! These delightful snail shells were found in my sons’ garden and are simply held in place with toning thread.

'Dark Flow' textile by Jill Sharpe